Steam Turbines

Steam TurbinesWe can supply electric actuation of small steam valves using our linear electric actuators. For larger machines we provide a hydraulic system which we can design to any size using modern components.

The hydraulic control consists of a proportional directional valve as in most systems but in place of an open loop solenoid control or Moog valve we position the valve using a HEINZMANN electric actuator in a closed loop with feedback of the valve position. This makes our system much less susceptible to contamination in the servo oil. We also use a variable delivery oil pump which cuts down power consumption and heating of the servo oil when the steam governing system is inactive.

Our steam turbine systems are fully automated with regard to starting (including avoidance of critical speeds), warm-up, speed and load control. We offer systems for multi-stage turbines with boiler feed, extraction and back pressure controls with decoupling compensation and priority mode controls as required.