Air Controls Developement


Press Release (May, 2015)

LGV ActuatorHEINZMANN are pleased to announce the development of new air control components. Air controls are important to improve the starting reliability and load flexibility of gas turbines. These parameters have assumed more importance to turbine operators as they reduce their costs for relatively little increase in overhead.

Air bleed and variable geometry compressor design will help control ignition parameters under any ambient conditions to improve ignition reliability and reduce the power requirements and length of engagement time of the starter system. When running at part load, air controls may be employed to reduce the flow of air supplied by the gas turbine compressor which in turn will reduce the power required to drive it and therefore improve fuel efficiency. Similarly the temperature at the gas turbine exhaust can be increased which will improve the efficiency of heat recovery boilers etc. which is desirable in combined heat and power and combined cycle plant. When shedding load in a generator application, the fast and proportional reaction of the air bleed valve helps to control power turbine overspeed of multi-shaft gas turbines by venting off excess compressor discharge air.

RBV80In the last ten years HEINZMANN has supplied hundreds of electric guide vane servo systems to a gas turbine OEM in Europe for machines from 4 through 20 MW shaft power. HEINZMANN now offers electric bleed air control valves for the same range of turbines based on its high performance electric actuation technology.

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