New High-Energy Ignition System


Press Release (May, 2015)

The latest product release is called PROMETHEUS and is an igniter power system for gas turbines.


In conjunction with standard surface effect spark plugs it produces an intense spark every half of a second while energised from a nominal 24 VDC battery power supply. Energy conversion and utilisation in the spark plug is very high and compared with alternative highenergy ignition systems the spark projects out from the tip of the plug therefore providing more margin for successful ignition with regard to air:fuel ratio and pressure. This is especially the case on liquid fuelled turbines with pressure atomised burner nozzles.

PROMETHEUS is certified flameproof for installation in Zone 1 hazardous areas (all gas groups). Access for connection of supply and HT cables is provided by screw terminals after removing a screw down domed upper casing. This avoids the need for inconvenient and expensive electrical connections in the external HT cable.

pdfData Sheet PROMETHEUS