HEINZMANN Gas & Steam Turbine Controls

XIOS Control   

HEINZMANN offers control systems for all types of turbo-machinery. HEINZMANN’s turbine controller XIOS is available pre-programmed with gas or steam turbine software for user configuration to most applications. The modular, universal XIOS controller presents an entirely new generation of ECU. It consists of a high-performance main board with high CPU power, large DRAM and FLASH memory. A FPGA logic chip
leaves more computing power to the CPU for PLC functions or processor-intensive control tasks.

Besides gas and steam turbine controls HEINZMANN delivers high integrity overspeed trip units and complete turbine control panels.

HEINZMANN Turbine Controls Benefits:

  • Applicable to any size type or make of gas or steam turbineExplosion proof housing
  • User expandable, configurable and programmable
  • Wide environmental specification for power supply, temperature and vibration
  • Include speciality speed measurement and servo loop interfaces
  • Available in ATEX or CSA certified explosion-proof (flameproof) housings


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