HEINZMANN Gas & Steam Turbine Controls

XIOS Control   

HEINZMANN offers control systems for all types of turbo-machinery. HEINZMANN’s turbine controller XIOS is available pre-programmed with gas or steam turbine software for user configuration to most applications. The modular, universal XIOS controller presents an entirely new generation of ECU. It consists of a high-performance main board with high CPU power, large DRAM and FLASH memory. A FPGA logic chip
leaves more computing power to the CPU for PLC functions or processor-intensive control tasks.

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Air Controls Developement


Press Release (May, 2015)

LGV ActuatorHEINZMANN are pleased to announce the development of new air control components. Air controls are important to improve the starting reliability and load flexibility of gas turbines. These parameters have assumed more importance to turbine operators as they reduce their costs for relatively little increase in overhead.

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