Control Upgrades

Control panelWe recommend replacement of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls with electronic controls. These technologies are not so convenient to support as electronics, which is more reliable and provides higher quality data and operational information.

Older technologies are found on many machines, such as GE frame 3, Ruston TA series, early Rolls-Royce Avon gas turbines and many older steam turbines. These machines are perfectly serviceable and can be brought up-to-date by upgrades in instrumentation and controls.

With electric instrumentation we generally replace temperature and pressure switches, which are less reliable, with more cost effective transmitters. As well as supporting sequence control and protection, we can use the information from these transmitters to build a full picture on the operator’s panel of the operational state, past and present, of the turbine plant.


control cabinetControl Cabinet

New control system technology for TA turbines entirely electric/electronic, which will allow the removal of the original servo-oil system and associated hydro-mechanical controls.
Benefiting from the higher intrinsic reliability and maintainability of the electronic controls, removal of the original controls will considerably simplify the engine, further improving reliability and access for mechanical maintenance.