Gas & Steam Turbine Controls

LEA OLYMPUS GAS AND STEAM TURBINE CONTROLS E SEITE 1HEINZMANN offers control systems for all types of turbo-machinery. HEINZMANN’s turbine controller XIOS is available pre-programmed with gas or steam turbine software for user configuration to most applications.

  • Expandable hardware with extra inputs and outputs to support generator control and all turbine core engine functions
  • XIOS can form the core of a larger PLC application or is powerful enough to perform the whole of the control for a turbine application
  • Cost-effective to be used for small applications and is powerful and expandable for use in large applications.

HEINZMANN also offers a triple modular redundant overspeed trip unit to provide high integrity backup overspeed protection for turbine controls systems.

Further we provide fully integrated panels for generator, compressor or pump applications with open software access and title to all software licenses transferred to the customer for PLC systems.

Product Description

Control Unit

  • Premium environmental specification for rotating machinery application, 18-32 VDC power supply range, 4g vibration tolerance, wide temperature range
  • Generator control/monitoring hardware version available for synchronising/load control and monitoring
  • Purpose designed digital turbine speed measurement
  • Hardware expandable
  • Ethernet IP and Modbus networking options to integrate with other controls, operators' panels, etc.
  • CoDeSys software with powerful floating point processing to improve and simplify programming
  • Explosion-proof housings available for hazardous are installation (ATEX Ex'd' Zone 1 iia and iib)
Triple voting overspeed protection unit
VOP 03 Triple voting overspeed protection unit
  • Two out of three voting system to protect turbo machinery from overspeed
  • Accurate and repeatable to 0.1%
  • The design provides protection from nuisance trips
  • Only individual channels will trip on fault, at least two channels have to agree on fault
  • Monitors three individual magnetic pickups in three independent modules whose voted output appears on a high integrity dry contact output
  • Easy to calibrate through maintenance program to set the trip frequency
  • Easily tested whilst operating through onboard frequency generator housed on board each of the three modules
  • Hermetically sealed relays and fully isolated frequency inputs guarantee quality and longevity and accuracy of speed measurement
  • Each unit fully isolated and only connected to the other channels via volt free voting relay contacts
  • Motherboard PCB is tracked in a voting system so two or more of the individual channel relays must sense overspeed before the common fault contact opens
  • Built-in test mode and signal generators allow the channel to be tested and tripped

pdfData Sheet VOP 03

Complete Control Panels

Control panel

  • Simplex or redundant system designs using proprietary hardware for operators interface, vibration monitoring, generator AVR and protection, flame monitoring and of course HEINZMANN's own generator, fuel and air control products.
  • Remote monitoring via cable, wireless or internet.
  • Customers who operate turbo-machinery of diverse types and sizes can obtain upgrade controls for all of their turbine applications from HEINZMANN.