Air Controls

Gas Turbine Air ControlsAir controls are important to improve the starting reliability and load flexibility of gas turbines. These parameters have assumed more importance to turbine operators as they reduce their costs for relatively little increase in overhead. Air bleed and variable geometry compressor design will help control ignition parameters under any ambient conditions to improve ignition reliability and reduce the power requirements and length of engagement time of the starter system.

Product Description

Linear Guide Vane Actuator

LGV Actuator

This is a position servo assembly consisting of a digital electronic controller, rotary servo motor and rotary to linear gearbox. In application, the unit is usually mounted in trunnions and connected by a spherical jointed coupling to a mechanism which transfers the linear motion to rotate several stages of variable inlet stator blades on an axial compressor.

  • Stroke configurable up to 50 mm (at the time of ordering)
  • Force up to +/- 4500 N
  • Mounting options to suit most applications
  • Process feedback of position and force
  • Highly efficient gearhead optimises utilisation of electrical power

pdfData Sheet LGV

Rotary Bleed Valve


Servo assembly complete with valve which provides fast and precise bleeding of gas turbine compressor discharge air.

  • Electric rotary positioning servo
  • Valve specified for high temperature and pressure with low leakage
  • Direct connection to 80 mm butterfly valve
  • Precise, drift-free operation


This assists with:
1. Dry low emission fuel systems
2. Improving part load compressor efficiency of single shaft gas turbines
3. Increasing part load exhaust temperatures for combined cycle power generation systems
4. Improving power turbine overspeed limitation on multi-shaft gas turbines

pdfData Sheet RBV-80