Ancillary Systems

Controls and equipment for plant associated with engines such as:

  • Lubrication oil systems, tanks, instrumentation, air:oil or water:oil heat exchangers, filters, pumps, level and temperature control.
  • Start systems, diesel or electric (AC or DC) powered, electric, hydraulic or gas expansion motor, instrumentation and regulation.
  • Power systems, batteries and charger systems. Motor control centres AC and DC.
  • Intake filtration systems, static and dynamic, automatic self-cleaning.


Product Description

Water Wash System


The gas turbine water wash system is designed to clean gas turbine compressor blades by using a high-pressure hot water jet, with a maximum pressure of 150 bar.
  • The unit is free standing and has a three phase 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 480 VAC, 4 kW motor driving a high-pressure water pump.
  • There is also a water tank within the unit with an integrated 6 kW temperature controlled heating element.

pdfData Sheet Water Wash System

High-Energy Ignition System

PROMETHEUS is an igniter power system for gas turbines. In conjunction with standard surface effect spark plugs it produces an intense spark every half of a second while energised from a nominal 24 VDC battery power supply. Energy conversion and utilisation in the spark plug is very high and compared with alternative high-energy ignition systems the spark projects out from the tip of the plug therefore providing more margin for successful ignition with regard to air fuel ratio and pressure. This is especially the case on liquid fuelled turbines with pressure atomised burner nozzles.
  • Certified flameproof for installation in Zone 1 hazardous areas (all gas groups).
  • Access for connection of supply and HT cables is provided by screw terminals after removing a screw down domed upper casing. This avoids the need for inconvenient and expensive electrical connections in the external HT cable

pdfData Sheet PROMETHEUS

FSCHG 02-3
3 Channel Speed Switch

3 channel speed switch

FSCHG 02-3 is a 3 channel speed switch incorporating:

  • Crank termination
  • Under speed
  • Over speed
  • Meter current output

All settings are fully adjustable. The FSCHG 02-03 incorporates the latest well proven technology which will allow a single variable reluctance speed probe the possibility to have fully adjustable trip levels up to 10 kHz frequency. There is also a 1 mA current output proportional to the frequency to use for a PLC speed input or meter display. This is again fully adjustable for meter calibration purposes.

pdfData Sheet FSCHG 02-3.pdf