Generator Controls

Generator ControlsWe offer digital generator control panels which provide the following functions in association and integrated with the main engine controls:

  • Digital electrical instrumentation of all three generator phases, voltage matching, synchronisation, isochronous load control load and VAr sharing.
  • Digital multi-function generator protection on a programmable range of standard relay functions. Digital generator automatic voltage control.
  • Generator bearing and stator winding temperature monitoring. Generator bearing vibration monitoring.
  • Station control panels where a power system, possibly consisting of a number of generators and loads, can be executively controlled from a single station providing load and power management.
  • Interconnections by fibre-optic or other suitable network.
Product Description
Genset Control

Generator control
Digital genset controller for generators in island or parallel mode, operating with HEINZMANN and non-HEINZMANN speed governors

Available THESEUS versions:
BASIC: Low voltage genset controller without customisation abilities
MEDIUM: Low voltage genset controller offering several proven standard sets of assigments, limited customisation
EXTENDED: Genset controller with wide range of configuration, customisation possibilities for any genset voltage.
GROUP: Controller for group-to-group or group-to-mains gensets with high customisation level for any bus voltage.

  • Synchronisation
  • kW power control
  • kW & kVAr load sharing
  • Voltage matching
  • PF control
  • Automatic sequencing
  • Optional speed governor included
  • CAN, Modbus or SAEJ1939 communication
  • Realtime alarm/data log options

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