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Optimal control technology for gas turbines

Using the latest technology available HEINZMANN UK build state of the art systems for fuel metering on gas turbines. Gas fuel or liquid fuel, or both combined.

Our unique EVO II product has the fuel algorithm built in. Monitoring fuel differential pressure and temperature, adjusting 1000 times a second to keep it correct. Even looking for the twist in a valve shaft.

Fuel Skids

We can build fuel systems to suit any size or make of gas turbine; single or multi-stream as required for low NOx combustion systems, liquid fuel metering. All systems can be combined on one skid with purge if required.

  • Upgrading the original fuel controls with replacement systems built into the space occupied by the original system
  • Replacement of original hydraulically actuated fuel assemblies with electrically actuated systems designed one replacement of the original system
  • No limits on size we build fuel system frames for all types of turbines.
  • Bespoke Design
  • GE Frame 5
  • GE Frame 6
  • EM 610
  • Ruston TA 1750
  • RR RB 211
  • RR Avon
  • SGT 200
  • Solar

Truly bespokeGas turbine valve

Each engine is different, the application, the interfaces, the fuel, operation conditions and customers specification requirements. Everything must be considered to achieve a drop in solution.

HEINZMANN delivers a tailor made solution for any type, size or make of gas turbine as shown in the following examples.

Gas turbine valveGE Frame 5

Many of the packaged GE frame 5 engines have a fuel compartment at one end. This system is designed to replace the existing electro hydraulic unit with a modern system complete with high-speed shut off valves.

Plug-and-play replacement for the gas control and metering.

Gas turbine valveGE Frame 6

Gas fuel control and metering system for GE Frame 6 engine. Designed to customers specification and built under supervision of Lloyds of London.

Twin high speed shut of valves, gas receiver, together with the famous EVO II fuel control system.

Purge system provided using fuel gas, to allow change over easily from liquid fuel.

gas fuel valveEM 610

Gas Fuel System for an EM610 Turbine. Three inch electrically actuated gas throttle valve, high speed shut-off and isolation system.

Critical 63 MW base load turbine. Replacing the original hydraulic system.


gas fuel valveRuston TA 1750

Simple plug-and-play replacement fuel metering system for the old Ruston 1750 engine.

Designed for ease of maintenance and rapid upgrade. Deployed into many places in the Middle East and maintained directly by HEINZMANN UK engineers.

gas fuel skidRR RB 211

Basic single gas fuel skid with high speed shut off. Built to replace the older systems used on RR Olympus engines in Middle East and West Africa.

This skid will receive EVO II and a gas purge system.


gas fuel skidRR Avon

Compact and efficient drop in system for RR Avon engines. Two high-speed shut-of valves, one EVO II fuel control system.

Supplied pre wired, to reduce site installation errors and maintenance time.


SGT 200SGT 200

Similar to the RR Avon skid and the same design many SGT 200 and 100 units are operating using the HEINZMANN fuel skid. Single control or pilot and main control. Single fuel or dual-fuel, complete with purge.

The EVO II unit can directly replace the Siemens fuel valves.

Gas turbine valveSolar

One of the many systems built for a Solar engine, off skid fuel control which can include fuel conditioning.  

Now fitted with EVO II fuel control systems and can be single or dual-fuel.

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