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StG 2080

StG 2080

HEINZMANN StG 2080 ATEX cerified Actuators are rotary and direct acting all electric actuators with respectively 6.5 and 11 Nm torque output and either 36° or 68° rotation. Their distinctive features are a compact design and a high dynamic performance.
They are driven by HEINZMANN analogue or digital controls units and HEINZMANN positioner units.
HEINZMANN StG 2080 Actuators can be integrated with different throttle valve sizes for hot and cold gas engine applications. Additional integration of driver electronics turn these actuator models into positioning units suitable for current / voltage and PWM input signals.

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>> Certificates

  • Mechanical drives
  • Pump drives
  • Propulsion
  • Power generation




StG 2120

STG 2120 flameproof actuator

HEINZMANN StG 2120 flameproof cctuators are rotary and direct acting all electric actuator with a 13 Nm torque output and a 68° rotation. They have been designed for turbine applications and meet specific environmental requirements on top of their compact design and high dynamic performance.
They work with HEINZMANN digital control units and HEINZMANN positioner units.
  • All turbine applications

StG 30-90°

STG 2120 flameproof actuator

StG 30.90 is a rotary actuator with disc armature motor combined with a gearbox. An explosion-proof type is available. It offers high regulation power working in both directions. Max. torque 28 Nm, holding torque 14 Nm, rotation angle 0 - 90°. Extremely low current consumption during steady state.

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>> Certificates 

  • Steam valve actuation
  • Pump drives
  • Marine applications

StG L500-50mm

Flameproof Electric Actuator

The flameproof electric actuator StG L500-50mm is a linear actuator with built in electronic position control. It positions according to an external 4-20 mA demand signal. Thrust is +/-5000 kNewtons and span is adjustable up to 100 mm. Only 24 VDC electric supplies are required to operate.

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  • Steam governor valve
  • Anti-surge valve control
  • Guide vane control



Gas Fuel Throttle Valve


The Evolution 2G Gas Fuel Throttle Valve (EVO 2G) is a mechatronic assembly consisting of a valve, position servo and digital flow controller with associated redundant pressure instrumentation.

  • High accuracy, flow fully compensated for fuel pressure and temperature, suitable for DLE systems
  • Absolute repeatability
  • Highly responsive and stable
  • Reliable, does not require any flow sensor, self-cleaning valve surfaces
  • Competitive for wide range of turbine sizes
  • Lifetime self-adjusting seals protect against leakage
  • Independently SIL rated and certified for use in hazardous areas (ATEX and CSA)

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  • Gas fuelled gas turbines
  • DLE gas fuelled gas turbines


In application, the assembly is usually mounted between pipe reducers as part of a complete fuel system.

Liquid Fuel Throttle Valve


The Evolution 2L Liquid Fuel Throttle Valve is a mechatronic valve assembly similar in form and function to the Evolution 2G Gas Fuel Throttle Valve but for liquid fuels. The description is the same as the EVO 2G gas fuel throttle except for the following features.
  • BSPP ports to accept standard compression fittings for pump, manifold and tank connections
  • ANSI class 600 pressure rating for pressure atomised burner systems
  • Cartridge type recycle regulator valve for easy inspection/ replacement
pdfData Sheet EVO2L
  •  Gas turbines