Fuel Controls

GAS TURBINE FUEL CONTROLSHEINZMANN has supplied many hundreds of fuel control products to gas turbine OEM's and operators since 1993 for machines ranging from fractional through over 100 MW shaft power. These may be supplied loose or as complete fuel systems or as part of total gas turbine controls packages including air, lubricating oil and electronic control systems. Single gas or liquid through dual fuel DLE fuel systems may be supplied.

HEINZMANN fuel controls are based on electric motor, digital electronic and safety technologies and experience developed in the HEINZMANN Group since the 1980's and products feature many innovations not found in competitor products. These features deliver ease and flexibility of application, quality of control and reliability for customers.

Product Description
Gas Fuel Throttle Valve


The EVOLUTION 2G Gas Fuel Throttle Valve (EVO 2G) is a mechatronic assembly consisting of a valve, position servo and digital flow controller with associated redundant pressure instrumentation. In application, the assembly is usually mounted between pipe reducers as part of a complete fuel system.

  • High accuracy, flow fully compensated for fuel pressure and temperature, suitable for DLE systems
  • Absolute repeatability
  • Highly responsive and stable
  • Reliable, does not require any flow sensor, self-cleaning valve surfaces
  • User configurable and maintainable using free PC application
  • Network enabled for Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus or Ethernet field busses
  • 24 VDC power source only required
  • Competitive for wide range of turbine sizes
  • Lifetime self-adjusting seals protect against leakage
  • Independently SIL rated and certified for use in hazardous areas (ATEX and CSA)

pdfData Sheet EVO 2G

Liquid Fuel Throttle Valve

The EVOLUTION 2L Liquid Fuel Throttle Valve (EVO 2L) is a mechatronic valve assembly similar in form and function to the EVOLUTION 2G Gas Fuel Throttle Valve but for liquid fuels. The description is the same as the EVO 2G gas fuel throttle except for the following features.
  • BSPP ports to accept standard compression fittings for pump, manifold and tank connections
  • ANSI class 600 pressure rating for pressure atomised burner systems
  • Cartridge type recycle regulator valve for easy inspection/ replacement

pdfData Sheet EVO 2L

Fuel Metering Pump

UK Optiflow 0515

This electric driven metering pump called OPTIFLOW is a recent concept for liquid fuel systems. It offers unbeatable cost effectiveness for medium-sized gas turbine applications.

pdfData Sheet OPTIFLOW

HEINZMANN also supplies mechanical driven metering pumps. For more information please refer to
Fuel Metering Pumps

Complete Fuel Systems

Olympus Assembly

Custom designed fuel systems based on HEINZMANN products for any gas turbine application, including single gas or liquid, dual or multi-fuel, simple or dry low emissions. All fuel systems feature safety shut-off system and may also optionally include fuel treatment such as filtration, pressure reduction or boosting and pressure relief, liquid knock out (for gas systems), degassing, water extraction and additive injection (for liquid systems) and heating.