Gas Fuel Systems

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Fuel Metering Kid

Solar Mars

Governing, gas fuel metering and shut-off system for a Solar MARS.
Shut-off valves are served on gas fuel pressure and are fail-safe with ‘open’ and ‘closed’ positions confirmed by switches. All equipment is certified for hazardous area application.
Self-contained module interfaces with the remainder of the control system by ‘Modbus’ network and a few discrete connections.

We can build bespoke systems for any size or make of gas or dual fuelled turbine. Systems can be simple single stream or multi-stream as required for low NOx combustion systems.

Gas Fuel Train

Gas Fuel Train

Gas Fuel Train for a Ruston Tornado gas turbine. Incorporates safety shut-off valves, pressure reducing regulator and throttle valve.
Replaces original expensive to maintain Hale-Hamilton gas system. New system does not require a gas vent and therefore saves gas emissions in residential area.

We can upgrade original fuel controls with replacement systems built into the space occupied by the original system.

Gas Fuel Skid

Gas Fuel Skid

The Ruston TA Fuel Skid consists of an electrically actuated gas flow control valve which together with an associated governor module located in the control panel, replaces the original hydro-mechanical governor on the turbine.


Gas Fuel Shut-off & Throttle Valve

Gas Fuel Train

Gas fuel valve and fuel metering with combined shut-off valve for a GE Frame 5 Turbine.
This system replaced (physically and functionally) the original electro-hydraulic stop/ratio and control valve units on three turbines. The original system could not be adjusted to exceptionally high quality gas characteristics when moved from Germany to a new site in Kazakhstan.

We can replace original hydraulically actuated fuel system assemblies with electrically actuated systems built into new assemblies designed as a one for one replacement of the original system i.e.:
having matching physical, fluid and electrical interfaces.

Gas Fuel System

Gas Fuel System

Gas Fuel System for an EM610 Turbine Aero Gate, Singapore.
Three inch electrically actuated gas throttle valve, shut-off and isolation system for 63 MW base load turbine.
Replaces original hydraulic system.

We can build fuel system frames for upgrade of larger base load turbine frames with practically no limit on size.

Fuel System

avon gas fuel skid

Upgrade complete fuel system for Rolls-Royce Avon (GEC package).

Replaces original frame with same mountings, outline and pipe connection points. Only 24 VDC 5A supply required. Options for instrumentation filtration, pressure reduction, double block and vent etc.

Features "EVOLUTION'' gas metering and throttle system. All frame and pipe work in 316 stainless steel. Certified for Div 1 hazardous areas. We will propose, design and build cost effective packages for any turbine application. All parts European sourced.